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    You will participate in a

process-oriented podcast interview, 

following the format detailed in the below video!

Host your own Radio Show on KCPK-LP radio station.

Free coaching for developing a radio show.

How to create a podcast show for KCPK-LP FM radio station.

To begin Free Coaching, Sign up here:


Text of video:


Is your goal to host a radio podcast show? I help new podcasters create a radio show hosted by them. I provide coaching from concept through tech training to broadcasting on KCPK-LP radio station. You ask: HOW do I start with a podcast? Find the person who is looking for you. That is me! It is my job to recruit new radio show hosts for KCPK-LP radio station.


You ask: WHERE do I start? You have access to your goal because you have enlisted me as your coach. So here is the starting work you must put in. Start with how you like to talk to people: Just you talking to listeners, like a free-flow of “thinking outloud? Talking to an interviewee one-on-one? Writing your script and reading it along with your commentary on the ideas, sort of like an audible blog? Engaging in short-form communications like callers calling in and asking you for advice and ideas? Doing a “group-think” approach to a problem? Alternating between music and talk? Recording nature sounds and taking “talk-walks”?


KCPK-LP is old-fashion terrestrial radio which increases your audience outreach with a 24 hour 7 day a week simulcast internet stream. KCPK-LP is an affiliate with Pacifica Network of 200 other FCC licensed radio station with whom your radio show can be syndicated to increase your audience outreach. And you will find even more free training at


The second step to reaching the goal which already waits for you: Sign up here to begin my coaching with you:


Once you sign up, you can download an Infographic which describes all the steps to the goal waiting for you! I look forward to helping you!


Enrollment Criteria: You MUST be a NEW podcaster. Established podcasters do not qualify. You will produce podcasts from your own home computer. You will need a computer with a Chrome browser, headset, microphone. This is an offer for free training to become a host on a national radio platform. Training involves all rules regarding legal FCC radio station broadcasts.


You can verify the legitimacy of this offer at:



    Enroll at:


These questions form the basis of our radio show interview.

What is your idea?

What do you want to accomplish?

What makes this distinctive from other similar podcasts?

Here are some questions about your target audience.


Who would want or need this podcast?


What unique value or perspective can your podcast add to listeners’ lives?


Are you trying to reach an existing audience or a new one?

After listening, what will they talk about? Who will they share the episode with? Why?

What is the Format of the Podcast?

The Solo Show: Also known as the monologue. You don’t on anyone else to record your episodes, and you’re building a reputation as the authority on your subject. The podcast is also exclusively yours, so you can make calls on sponsorship and monetization.

The Co-Hosted Show: Presenting alongside a friend or colleague. Challenges: Not only do you need to set aside time to record, but that time must also be suitable for your co-host. There’s also the question of ownership.

The Interview Show: Doing an interview show gives you the opportunity to have a chat with someone you admire. Bonus: Your guests will have their own audiences who may listen to the interview. You can grow an audience this way. Interviewing is a skill that you will may need to develop to gain potential guests. You also need to rely on technology (like Skype).

The Roundtable: One regular host and a number of guests, talking through one specific topic. The


Documentary: A narrator walks you through a range of interviews, conversations and on-location

clips to discuss topics.

The DocuDrama: A mix between drama and documentary which offers learning and info, but in an entertaining way.

Other formats? Reading of classical literature? Doing original plays? Showcasing original royalty-free music and their musicians? Other cultural projects?

You receive an MP3 recording of your interview!

POST YOUR MP3 recording anywhere you want!


This is a Lasting Gift to you!

After Completion of Module One, you will be enrolled as a member and qualified for the entire Training on this website!  

KCPK-LP is an FCC licensed radio station offering podcast training. 

KCPK-LP is a Pacifica Network Affiliate station.

© 2020 by California Family Counseling Network, Inc.

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