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Course Overview

KCPK-LP Community Media Project
OnLine Learning Portal

Here you can survey the entire course

and get a sense of your complete transformational training journey.
Each Module takes you through 3 integrative phases: 
Process-oriented Team approach, Personal Development, and Skills Learning  
Gentle, Guiding Mentoring by Professional Mental Health and Personal Growth Providers
 with the ultimate goal being the creation of your own business.

MoDule one

This is the FIRST STEP!

You will prepare a podcast sample by being interviewed on another podcaster's radio show. 


This Module gives you an idea of what  is required to be a radio podcaster. 

This Module is FREE! 

It provides basic technology training and must be completed before you can enroll as a Team member to continue your training.

Module Two

After completion of Module One, you will be invited to receive all Modules for Free in exchange for your active comments in improving this training.

In Module Two, you will receive Skills training in podcasting, including-scripting, recording, editing.

These skills will involve training in relevant computer technology aspects, including hardware and software.

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Module three

You will receive Education in applicable legal topics, including:

FCC radio broadcasting laws,

copyright laws,

Creative Commons contracts, and broadcast releases.

Other Available Training:

Module four

You will create a podcast series

(24-weekly episodes) which will be terrestrially broadcast from


the licensed FCC radio station in Pine Mountain Club, CA,

on FM 106.9, & streamed on KCPK-LP’s national internet station at URL:   


KCPK-LP, as an affiliate radio station of Pacifica Network, will submit your podcast series for syndication with 200 other affiliate radio stations.

Module five

You will develop your own internet radio station.

You will host your other radio shows here,  beyond those you developed for Module Four. 

You will learn how to use your internet station to educate other individuals in starting their own podcast radio shows. 

You may broadcast their shows from your internet radio station.

Module six

You will be trained in building a platform-based free website.


You will be taught how to repurpose your radio podcast audio content, with training in transcription and

editing of your radio shows for blogging and

book formats  (i.e., e-book),

which will be hosted on your media website, where you will also post the URL link to your

internet radio station.

Module seven

You will learn about other free resources available for business development.


You will learn how to use your internet stations and media websites to educate other individuals in starting their own media-based businesses.

Module eight

Throughout the training,  you may receive workshops from professionals who will integrate self-esteem training and motivational techniques.

This training will help fulfill the nonprofit mission of California Family Counseling Network, Inc.,  by creating sustainable social change. 


You will be able to increase your impact on the issues you face in our culture.

KCPK-LP is an FCC licensed radio station offering podcast training. 

KCPK-LP is a Pacifica Network Affiliate station.

© 2020 by California Family Counseling Network, Inc.

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