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OnLine Learning Portal

Keyboard and Mouse
Get Started!  This is our Ground Floor Outreach!

Self-Pacing flexible format!

 Instruction is taught in combination of:

1) Website Courses

2) Network-Building Team Forums

3) Live Zoom and CleanFeed Conferencing

 This Process-Oriented Training combines

Personal Development with Technical Skills Education


can be taken from anywhere in the U.S.

from the comfort of your home. 


More Info?  Click on red high-lighted text above for pop-up.

Image by Leo Wieling

Course Overview is where you can survey the entire course and get a sense of the trajectory of our complete training journey. 

KCPK-LP is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the location of Pine Mountain Club, CA. As a low power FM radio station, it is limited to a 10-mile radius on the public airwaves, FM 106.9 on the local geographical radio dial.

California Family Counseling Network, Inc., is the FCC licensee of KCPK-LP radio station.  This grant-funded training is to encourage new podcasters to join as radio show hosts for broadcasting original programming. 

Image by Soundtrap

KCPK-LP is an FCC licensed radio station offering conscious podcast training. 

KCPK-LP is a Pacifica Network Affiliate station.

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